EmigrateNow offers Citizenship by Investment Programs, which provide opportunities to acquire, manage, and develop real estate as a path to citizenship, or as a means of furthering financial and tax planning goals.


1) Through financial contributions e.g. donation to a Government Fund in the relevant country (the country you would like to attain citizenship and passport for).

2) By purchasing property in the country (with a minimum financial requirement).

3) By investing in a company in the country (with a minimum financial requirement).


We offer our client multiple customized financial solutions to suit their needs. Emigration requires a significant financial resource allocation not only in costs and charges but also for business takeover and acquisitions or business setup. This funds may either be a requirement by you or block your existing funds from being deployed in your existing business . So getting funding for Business takeover and setup into the country that you are planning to shift is a key for you to consider. We can study your case and structure financial solutions to take suit your requirements. For example with our connections with developers and financial institutions It is possible to structure 95 % financing for buying Property in some European cities. We have developed a banking network and expertise which enables us to assist our clients through the account application for all companies we register.


Many countries require applicants for citizenship by investment to purchase property to fulfill criteria for residency and/or citizenship.
Our expertise helps the customers to evaluate and determine the exact property the customer would like to purchase. We have contacts with best property brokers in the said country and will ensure that the customer has security for his investment.
Alternatively, many of our clients prefer to retain properties as an additional source of income. If this is the route you choose to pursue, we also have relationships with reputable property management partners who can look after the details on your rental property.
Currently, the cheapest citizenship by investment program is offered by the Common Wealth of Dominica with an investment of $100,000 for an individual applicant.