The average processing time from receipt of an application to notification of the outcome is three (3) months. Where, in exceptional cases, it is expected that the processing time will be longer than three (3) months, the authorised agent will be informed of the reason for the anticipated delay.

An application for citizenship by investment must be submitted in electronic and printed form by an authorised agent on behalf of an applicant.

All applications must be completed in English.
All documents submitted with the application must be in the English Language or an authenticated translation into the English Language.

ALL requisite supporting documents must be attached to applications before they can be processed by the Unit.
All applications must be accompanied by the requisite non-refundable processing and due diligence fees for the principal applicant, his or her spouse and each other qualifying dependent.

Incomplete application forms will be returned to the authorised agent.
? Where an application for citizenship by investment has been granted, the Unit will notify the authorised agent that the qualifying investment and requisite government administration fees must be paid before the Certificate of Citizenship can be granted