About Us

At EmigrateNow we provide the most unique services such as 2nd passport/citizenship through investment and Financial services to support those investments.We provide one stop customized solution for clients various needs. We can get you your CITIZENSHIP by investment and FINANCE that investment upto 95%.

Business Expansion 

The present business scenario in the world makes it prudent to have few prodction lines in different parts of the world. We support in giving you in the following ways:

- Giving you number of Options of Manufacturing Plants which can be setup in both SME and MSME Level.

- You will get detailed idea about the Raw Materials avalaible 

- We get you the Machinery and setup the Factory for you 

- Get all the Compliance Done for the Factory

- Help you get Funding for setting up the Factory.

- Actively involve in getting you the rqeuired Visas for you and your family to settle in the Country,

- Get your Children admitted in the Schools / Colleges 

- Get you the Government Incentives ( if any ) for your factory

- Approve Loans for buying Flats where you and your family would stay . 



Programs by Country


What Matters to you?

What matters to you, matters to us. That is why we promise to fully understand your situation and objectives – financial, business, and personal – and provide you with the right solutions for all of your financial needs.

What Matters to you?